Smart Ventures portfolio of investments (click to expand)

Media and IT Expand

Global Media and Communications Businesses Global
Integrated Blog Software and Technology Global
Graphic Interface for Mobile and Gaming Industry Japan
EAS and Security Systems Global
Integrated Media and Technology Systems Japan
Mobile Animation Japan
3G Mobile technology Japan

Gaming and Resort Expand

Pachinko Groups Japan
Hotels Japan
Machine Manufacture and Distribution Global
Casino Operation Macau
Resort Fiji
Resort Sapporo Japan

Health, Beauty and Food Industries Expand

Restaurant Group Japan & China
Health and Beauty – SPA and Machinery Global
Health and Beauty – SPA Japan
Health and Beauty – H40 Water Global
Dental Industry Consolidation Australia
Dental Industry – Software Japan
Hospital and Associated services Consolidation Japan
Bio Tech – DNA Japan
Sound and Energy Technology Global

Green Energy, Minerals, and Alterative Technology Expand

Pyrolysis Technology – Waste to Oil and Gas Global
Nano and Wave Technology – Waste Oil to Oil and Ethanol Global
Pyrolysis Technology – Medical and Hospital Application Global
Alternative Energy Resource Group – Solar, Wind, and Thorium Energy  
Organic Waste Decomposition Units Global
CO2 Emission Conversion Global

Emerging Markets Expand

Industrial Park for Environment Science & Technology China
Emerging Industries and Manufacturing China
Emerging Industries for Environment, Science & Technology India

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